Becoming a Business Supporter

Joining with us in restoring Hare Hill House is an excellent and cost-effective opportunity for you to raise your business profile and demonstrate your commitment to supporting our community

Could your business, organisation or group help support us?


Businesses who offer sponsorship or support will be included in our 'Wall of Fame' in the Foyer which will list local businesses who supported the project.


Ways you can get involved include:


Making us your charity of the year


Does your business want to team up with a charity who will benefit from your fundraising efforts, and support this year?


We would love local businesses to team up with us and help make a real difference to the community! We offer great chances for your work place to take part in events and get involved.

If you are looking for a charity to support then we would be really grateful and would very much like you to get in touch by emailing


Donate your skills and/or resources

Our volunteers do a brilliant job but our skills and resources are sometimes limited.

We urgently need electricians, plasterers, carpenters, kitchen fitters, plumbers and a whole host more.

We also need kitchen fittings, carpets, wallpaper, lighting, etc. Can you help?

Corporate Events – could a % be donated to Save Hare Hill House?


Have you been thinking of hosting a PR event to encourage new customers into your business? If your publicity materials suggest the event will also be supporting a charity you can significantly increase the uptake of your invitations.


You could include a percentage of funds raised or make it a fundraising event for the charity. This would not only help us towards this huge project but help raise the profile of your business through positive PR.


Sponsor an area (a whole room, a seat in the Council Chamber, electronic equipment, etc.)


By sponsoring a key aspect of HHH you will help sponsor a vital piece of restoration. Seats, rooms, areas will include a plaque with your company name on it and you will go onto our 'Wall of Fame' for posterity.


Take up a challenge as an organisation


We would love your organisation to take up a challenge for us. There are many events and challenges both in the UK and abroad which corporate teams decide to tackle. Contact us and we'll show you everything from how to find a challenge near you through to how to set up a fundraising page.

Make a Corporate Donation


If you like the work we do, value what we are doing in your community and want to make a donation then we would be more than happy to receive a corporate donation. If your organisation would like to work with our charity on a particular project then we are happy to credit logos and dedicate areas to your organisation.

How your business will benefit:


  • You will have your company name on our Hare Hill Sponsors wall in the foyer – a permanent and public display of your generosity and commitment to community support;


  • HHH and Hare Hill Park host a wide series of  events and activities, including, May Frolics, Poppy Picnics and major theatrical productions. Plus, the house will be open to the public for events and community groups all year round so your contribution will be seen by thousands of people;


  • Advertising on this website, and related social media activity with related press visibility;


  • We will provide case studies, testimonials or endorsements for your own use;


  • You will get reduced rates on facilities in the house and priority booking for major events;


  • Paid-for contracts (see below).


N.B. Hare Hill House has a business plan to become a self-funding venture and has a local sourcing policy for suppliers. Hare Hill Sponsors will be our preferred suppliers for paid-for future work and contracts.


If you want to discuss how your business might help support Hare Hill House, contact our Project Champion


Nick Andrews: