Our Vision

By early 2018 Hare Hill House will be a fully functioning Community and Arts Centre serving the local community and beyond.


The top floor and part of the middle floor of the House will have retained its historic Georgian/Victorian character but will host between 6 and 8 small, largely arts focused, local businesses. The intention of this part of the House’s development is to provide a set of small office/studio spaces for the numerous (in 2015 - in excess of 400) small home-based businesses to take their first steps towards running their own offices/studios away from home. We will provide these spaces on an “easy in – easy out” basis and at an economic rent, thus enabling home-based businesses to trial independent premises before making a move to a more permanent base.  As these rooms will, necessarily, not have public access, we will create an alternative “tour” of these important parts of the house’s history for display to the public on open days etc.


Part of the middle floor will be community based and comprise the fully restored LUDC Council Chamber, one medium sized and meeting/workshop room, a small kitchenette and improved toilet facilities. These will be available to local community groups and organisation to rent either on a sessional or one-off basis. The Council Chamber will also be licenced as a wedding venue thus providing an additional income source.


The ground floor will comprise a restored Georgian entrance hall, two large meeting rooms, a community café, kitchen, an outdoor seating area (sited where the Victorian conservatory once was), a storage room and a small kitchenette. The two large meeting rooms may be separated by a collapsible sound proof screen to enable them to be opened into one large community room. The wall separating the Georgian staircase from the entrance hall will be removed and replaced with a glass wall thus restoring the original impact of this important feature of the House.


The two large community rooms will both be renovated and the larger of the two rooms will be equipped in such a way that it will be possible to transform it into a performance space. The larger of the 2 rooms will also be licenced for weddings thus enabling a larger group of people than is possible in the former Council Chamber.


The cellars will be accessible for open days and be part of the guided tours we provide for individuals and groups interested in understanding the House and its wider importance in Littleborough’s heritage.